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拔拔麻麻需要出外工作,總會留下毛孩單獨留在家一整天。回到家總會有一堆的尿尿和便便在尿盆/ 廁所裡,自然也會造成屋裡飄著一股不好聞的氣味。

麻麻試用了Dr@Power ETC除臭抑菌機,發現它可以解決這個煩惱!把它放在毛孩尿盆附近/廁所裡,氣味就能夠去除!最最最重要的是,Dr@Power 有驗證安全性,只要別刻意直視燈光,別緊貼機器,絕對是安全的!


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Hooman have to work, always need to leaving furkid at home alone for the whole day. When back from work, sure will have a pile of pee and poop at furkids pee tray/toilet which will cause the the house have some unpleasant smell.

Mahm have tried and found out that Dr@Power ETC- UV air Putifier and Sterilization System can solve this trouble! Just simply place it near the pee tray/toilet, the smell will be purified! The most important is, as long as you don't deliberately look directly at the light and don't stick the machine on body, it is absolutely safe!